Saturday , January 22 2022

Switzerland publishes the COVID-19 app with Apple and the Google Exposure Notification API for the first time

The first app to use the Apple and Google Exposure Notification API was released in Switzerland. This comes from a new report from BBC. The app is called ‘SwissCovid’ and is currently available for the selection of important employees.

Members of Swiss Outlook, hospital employees and civil servants can legally install the SwissCovid app. A broader rollout is planned, but the report explains that MPs in Switzerland need to approve the app before it becomes widely available.

In Switzerland, MEPs must first discuss and approve the system before it is offered to the public. The government hopes that this can happen until mid-June.

In Latvia, developers hope to make their Exposure Notification API available to everyone by Thursday, as no parliamentary vote is required. The report says Apple has already approved the app for the App Store:

In contrast, the Latvian team, which has also integrated the API, can continue without a parliamentary vote and hopes to be able to offer its Apturi Covid app to the public on Thursday.

A spokeswoman told the BBC that Apple had already approved the software for the App Store, but developers were still waiting for permission to list it on the Google Play marketplace. ‘Of course we would be very happy to be the first (national launch), but the most important thing is to help our residents fight the virus,’ she added.

When iOS 13.5 was released last week, Apple announced that a handful of U.S. states and 22 countries on five continents have requested and received access to the Exposure Notification API. We are following the rollout in the USA in detail here.

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