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Photos: The new look from Apple Sydney is waiting for a better future

When the windows of Australia’s most famous Apple Store were covered on January 5 to keep prying eyes from glancing at a major renovation project, the world looked different. Apple was created in 2019 after 66 stores were opened and rebuilt. Emerging developers around the world shared knowledge at Code with Apple creative sessions.

When the window coverings fell this week, Apple Sydney’s balconies looked out onto George Street, which was as changed as the store itself. The shiny glass curtain is now a promise to passers-by of a future with events and energy – a future with fun. Sydney’s silent reopening, security procedures and everything is a milestone for the country. Every Apple store in Australia is now open after temporary closings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple Sydney’s new look preserves the store’s distinctive architecture while adopting Apple’s latest retail designs. There is a staple in every redesigned Apple Store right behind the front door: a Today at Apple Forum with an 8K video wall. While creative meetings are currently not possible due to the need for social distancing, one day an appealing range of programs will arrive in the flagship store. Exclusive performances and laboratories with leading artists often take place in Apple’s top stores.

Photos courtesy of Steven Ryan.

Every surface at Apple Sydney has been made aware of new stainless steel plates. Even the store’s three-story glass facade will shine a little brighter thanks to a completely new lighting system. The Membrane ceiling – Apple’s name for LED panels covered with woven glass fabric – extends across every floor.

The old tiled floor was replaced with more durable white terrazzo. Product counters have been converted to Avenues, the same displays used in Apple stores in Robina and Chadstone. A new Boardroom Creative guests and business customers are accommodated behind the main store and the glass staircase. On the third floor, you’ll even find miniature versions of the green walls that characterize Sydney’s neighboring store, Apple Bondi.

Photos and main image courtesy of Matthew Tsang.

When Apple opened Sydney almost 12 years ago in June 2008At that time it had the world’s largest Genius Bar and the largest laminated glass panes of all structures. Today’s renovation sets the course for the next decade of learning, product launches and support. Apple’s promisecreative updates“Deliveries were made to the store despite challenges that were unthinkable at the start of the project. Apple Sydney will wait when it’s time to meet again.

Photos courtesy of Jimmy Gunawan.

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