Thursday , November 25 2021

Failure is not an option in the latest Space Force trailer

Netflix has to feel pretty good Space forces, his upcoming science fiction comedy series with Steve Carell (The office) because it just released an entertaining second trailer with over three minutes of mostly new footage. The show marks Carell’s first major return to TV comedy since then The office wrapped …

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Hackers infect multiple game developers with advanced malware

One of the most productive hacking groups in the world recently infected several massively multiplayer online game makers. This allowed attackers to send malware-loaded apps to a target’s users and steal the currencies of a second victim’s in-game players. Researchers at ESET, the Slovak security company, have linked the attacks …

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Qualcomm announces new Wi-Fi 6E chips for smartphones and routers

Qualcomm has announced its next-generation wireless chips that support the new Wi-Fi 6E standard. The ‘E’ in Wi-Fi 6E stands for ‘expanded’ and supported devices can work with the newly opened 6 GHz spectrum, which should offer less network congestion and faster and more reliable connections. While Wi-Fi 6 supported …

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