Saturday , January 22 2022

Linus Torvalds has dragged WireGuard VPN into the 5.6 kernel source tree

Yesterday Linux developer Linus Torvalds merged David Miller’s Net-Next in his source tree for the Linux 5.6 kernel. This fusion added many new network-related drivers and features to the upcoming 5.6 kernel, with # 1 on the list simply being “Add WireGuard”.

As previously reported, WireGuard was added to net-next in December. Therefore, the inclusion in Linus 5.6 source tree is not a surprise. It represents another potential hurdle for the project; There is no doubt that further refinement work needs to be done before the kernel is finished. However, since Linus has dragged it into the tree, the likelihood that it will disappear between now and the final release of 5.6 (probably sometime in May or early June) disappears.

WireGuard’s Jason Donenfeld also contributes AVX crypto Optimizations to the kernel outside of the WireGuard project. In particular, Donenfeld optimized the Poly1305 encryption in order to use the instruction sets available in modern CPUs.

Poly1305 is used for WireGuard’s own message authentication, but can also be used outside of the project. For example, chacha20-poly1305 is one of the most powerful SSH ciphers, especially on CPUs without AES-NI hardware acceleration.

Other interesting functions of the 5.6 kernel are USB4 support, improvements in multipath TCP, AMD and Intel power management as well More.

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