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Lego is launching a $ 389 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 kit worth $ 389

Lamborghini chose the Frankfurt Motor Show last year to present its Hyperauto Sián FKP 37. Based on the Lamborghini Aventador, the Sián FKP 37 teaches this old dog a new trick by adding a supercapacitor hybrid system that adds an additional 34 HP (25 kW) to support the 774 HP (577 kW) V12 engine . Only 63 Sian FKP 37 are being built, and even if they cost $ 3.7 million, they’re already sold out. But from June 1st, there is a cheaper way to get your own Sián FKP 37, as long as you don’t mind if it’s 1/8 scale. Then the Lego Technic version comes out – a 3,696-piece kit that costs $ 379.99.

Highly detailed technical car models were one thing for Legos Technic line since the late 1970s. The building techniques have changed a lot during this time, as has the range of technical parts, which has resulted in a remarkably accurate looking model of the outrageous Lamborghini. However, in line with more than four decades of Technic car models, this model still has functional suspension, steering, movable pistons in the engine and a working eight-speed paddle shift transmission.

The Sián FKP 37 is one of the newest in Legos 18+ sets, although this age rating applies to the difficulty of the build, not NSFW content. Construction should take at least a weekend if my experience with that Lego Technic LMP2 Auto is all you have to look at (and no, I haven’t broken it down yet to fix it A little mistake I made early on). Lego and Lamborghini have also compiled a series of 13 videos that can be accessed via QR codes in two brochures supplied. It says: “Immerse yourself in the inspiration behind different phases of the design.”

If you’re a Lamborghini lover or a total technic nerd, this latest model may be a must. With a length of 60 cm and a width of 25 cm, however, you need a lot of shelf to display it.

Listing image from Lego

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