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Just a day after the start, the durability problems of the Moto Razr are piling up

How durable is the new Moto Razr? Motorola’s nostalgic flip-display flip phone has a number of unproven features that every potential customer should be concerned about after the Galaxy Fold’s public outage. Evidence is mounting that the Razr could be another sensitive folding device that is not up to the daily use of smartphones.

In addition to the same display durability issues as the Galaxy Fold – an OLED display that has to withstand both bending stress and a slightly damaging plastic display coating – the Razr has a trick flap system that is much more complicated to fold the galaxy. To prevent the display from wrinkling badly, Motorola says The Razr hinge “contains movable support plates that rigidly support the display when the phone is open, but fall out of the way when the phone is closed.” There are now a few sources that indicate that this hinge design will not last.

The first proof comes by CNETwho has just completed a Moto Razr torture test with disappointing results. CNET received SquareTrades Foldbot, a robot designed to repeatedly open and close collapsible smartphones until they die. The Galaxy Fold survived the foldbot for 120,000 folds before bending fatigue destroyed the display. CNET hoped the Razr would pass a similar 100,000-fold torture test, but Moto’s phone only lasted about a quarter of the time. After 27,000 folds, the hinge mechanism jammed and the phone could no longer be closed.

After a few hours in the foldbot, the hinge of the Razr became stiffer and the smooth closing effect was significantly impaired. The video shows a rough selection of groans, bangs and grinding noises from the worn hinge mechanism. CNET canceled the test at 27,000 folds when the foldbot was unable to close the phone. According to Apple, the average iPhone user unlocks the phone 80 times a daywhile Statista For heavier users, between 63 and 79 activations are carried out per day. If we apply this data to this Razr test, more active users would have hinge problems after about a year.

While CNET only gives a sample size of one, there are other reports that the hinge mechanism leaves something to be desired. There is a few Videos on TwitteNow the Moto Razr hinge squeaks and creaks immediately. The Razr was only launched yesterday, but the demo units in the store are already successful, other videos show this flickering displays and green lines run through the display.

Another potential problem is that the display is not circumferentially attached to the phone, which can allow dirt to get under the display and damage it. The Galaxy Fold comes with a plastic bezel around the perimeter of the display that covers the sides of the display as much as possible. The only point that Samsung couldn’t cover is the hinge area, and the ingress of dirt around the hinge area was one of the reasons why the device died prematurely. After the phone was delayed for rework, Samsung added caps to the hinge area to try to cover the exposed sides of the display as much as possible. It doesn’t appear that Motorola has learned from this, as the sides of the Razr display appear to be completely exposed. Witness this gruesome BBC video where the screen can be captured with just a fingernail.

Motorola doesn’t help much either, with an official video that claims “Bumps and lumps are normal“in the flexible display.

So far, there was a problem with the durability of every smartphone with a flexible display. These are still first generation devices that require many bugs to be fixed. With sky-high prices (the Razr is cheaper at $ 1,500!) Anyone who buys a foldable smartphone takes a big risk.

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