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Hyperdeck brings markdown presentations to the iPad, understands 121 coding languages ​​and much more

A new app called Hyperdeck was launched today in beta for the iPad and contains a compelling list of functions. In addition to providing support for creating presentations with Markdown, it also provides a clear user interface for those times when you want a more traditional Keynote-like experience. Hyperdeck can understand 121 programming languages, so it can seamlessly insert and edit code, highlight certain lines and much more.

Hyperdeck developer Benedikt Terhechte announced the availability of the iPad app in beta today with the pitch of the app that offers ‘The ease of use of a markdown editor with some of the ease of use of Keynote’.

In addition to the extremely tempting support of over 100 languages ​​for programmers who give presentations, Hyperdeck offers an excellent user interface for every user with extensive functions such as support for inserting web pages in slides, changing the font size directly in a presentation and animated background options Apple’s keynote and other competitors don’t have one.

Here are some of the built-in support for code:

Hyperdeck understands 121 languages, highlights them and allows you to animate them on your slides.

You can tell Hyperdeck which lines to display first, and you can highlight certain lines to highlight important points. Even the text editor in Hyperdeck has shortcuts and automatic indentation to make code editing as comfortable as possible.

In the future, Hyperdeck, along with the iPad app, will also be available for macOS and will work with iCloud to easily continue where you left off on both devices.

You can Try the Hyperdeck beta for iPad now and learn more about it at the App website.

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