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At the end of time and space there are fat beats: Blood Machines film criticism

Two distant space travelers get more than they expected when they chased a rogue AI to a distant planet Blood machinesthat tomorrow in North America, Ireland and the UK at the Shudder streaming service.

The film is a collaboration between Synthwave musician Carpenter Brut and French directors Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard (who work under the pseudonym “Seth Ickerman”). Carpenter Brut and Seth Ickerman had previously teamed up for the music video for Brut’s 2016 song. “Turbo killer, “what can best be described as two competing ritual sacrifices involving bad men and captive beauties. In the video, a ritual ritualizes in a beautifully artificial graveyard while the other does its job on board – get ready – a Spaceship in the form of an inverted crucifix.

Cool. Chases follow, synthesizers roar, and everything is flooded with the kind of menacing neon that goes with a homage to the 80s.

The filmmakers are trying to incorporate the same gonzo energy into their 50-minute follow-up. Blood machinesand for the most part they are successful. Sure, some of the dialog bits can be chunky, and what can be enjoyed as “archetypal” after four minutes sometimes just becomes “unsubtle” when stretched too long. But these leaks don’t sink the ship.

Describe the filmmakers Blood machines as a continuation of “Turbo Killer”, which makes about as much sense as everything else in “Turbo Killer”. After the success of the music video, Ickerman (the Ickermen?) Picked up € 117,539 via KickstarterAccording to Google, it is currently $ 128,284.42. Now I remind you of that Avengers: Endgame costs $ 356 millionor about 3,000 times as much.

For this princely sum, Brut and the Ickermen get an interplanetary space hunt with bone-breaking sound effects and sexy-rough spaceships. Our two space travelers (Anders Heinrichsen and Christian Erickson) follow a villainous AI-powered spaceship to the surface of a bleak world. Trying to destroy or recover the rogue ship (Blood machines is either vague or I don’t really pay much attention to it), they cross with a gang of scavenger witches and lead them on a quest for cosmic proportions.

Themes and pictures return from “Turbo Killer”, but the range is full. The setting is completely extraterrestrial; The spaceship’s AI computer looks like a golden fertility statue Indiana Jones doesn’t have a chance to wear;; an angular space warp leads to a psychedelic nebula; and the cavernous interiors are reminiscent of a neon-lit Notre Dame. Blood machines there is no lack of ambition.

Wait … did you say it takes 50 minutes?

Fifty minutes is a strange runtime for a modern film. It’s hard to muster the energy to go to the cinema when you know an hour later that you’re home with your miserable thoughts. Conversely, 50 minutes is a big question when you’re at a short film festival. You can watch between five and ten films at the same time. And remember how snooty you might be for your movie snob brothers who wasted that hour on just one screening. “Lame!” you would admonish “Lame!”

But if so many of us are stuck at home, now may be the perfect time Blood machines to debut on Shudder. Here is the scene: they are pinned to the sofa under a snoring domestic cat. A combination of spilled Dr. Pepper Ten and Doritos Dust welded your hand to the TV remote, but you don’t have the mental energy to start a two-hour function. Perhaps you should start another episode of a binge-enabled line of cables made in a lab to incorporate your brain chemicals. But you decide against it – the show begins to feel your frontal lobe as punished as your liver. Now is the ideal time for a 50-minute one-and-do.

Glorified music video

Do people still use “glorified music video” to criticize a film? It’s a stupid thing to say. The crow is a glorified music video and the most radical one ever.

The best parts of Blood machines are the music-video parts: the synthesizers, the chases, the inexplicable pictures. You know, the general WTF edness. The non-music parts are the weakest. The chunky dialogue explains too much at the same time, while it doesn’t explain enough, and the initial standoff between the space travelers and the cryptic machine defenders takes too long for the allegory Blood machines it’s clear. Fairy tales are moving fast – there is no pause for the three little pigs to ask: “The pigs have created an infrastructure that enables the production of bricks and they can speak?”

One of the great things about silent horror films like Nosferatu and The fall of the Usher house is that the characters can’t get their problems out of speech. As soon as the nightmare begins, the conversation follows the path of the dodos. This tradition persisted to varying degrees in the poorly dubbed post-war European horror films. Think of euro-cheap trash pieces like Suspiria or Night of the demons in which minimalistic leaps in English-language dialogue are sparingly shared among actors who may have learned two or three English words phonetically shortly before a director called “Action!” in Italian. Blood machines could have benefited from it.

Story or resume?

To quote my colleague Nathan Matisse: Short films are often made by filmmakers who act “as proof-of-concepts” at the beginning of their careers (and who play at festivals because people who may be able to work together or fund a larger project tend to do so to participate in it. “The goal,” he adds, “could be a future deal that is more than the distribution of the audience.” In other words, the goal of many short films is to tell both an original idea and the men in suits that have all the money to prove that you know where to put a camera, when to cut a scene and how to get into under budget. (Watch the grandiose Video behind the scenes this accompanies “Turbo Killer” to see how small the operation of the Ickermen was. And you see a space demon with a gas mask checking his smartphone between the settings.)

So it is Blood machines 50 minutes because it had to be 50 minutes or because the Ickermen had 50 minutes of special effects they wanted to show off to get money for their next, bigger project? Is it the way the ckermen say to the suits: “Look at everything we did for 124 giants! Imagine what we could do with twice as much!” Maaaaaybe.

But when the suits see it, I hope they throw a handful of money on the ckermen and everyone celebrates with a few lines of coke that I understand is the primary love language of Men in Suits. I am excited to see what the Ickermen will do with their first feature film, which is under development and is entitled “I won’t poop you”.Ickerman.

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