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Analysts suggest that Apple sells Apple Watch under $ 250 to boost sales, although it already does

Amber analyst Toni Sacconaghi made a bizarre proposal for Apple in a new investor note today: Sell an Apple Watch for under $ 250. Why is this bizarre? Well, you can pick up the Apple Watch Series 3 directly from Apple, in brand new condition, for $ 199.

In the investor note (via PED30), Sacconaghi says that Apple could sell ten times as many Apple Watch devices by offering a cheaper model that is marketed as an ‘essential health monitoring device.’

“We see an opportunity for Apple to offer a cheaper (e.g., <$ 250), more focused and user-friendly (especially for the elderly) portable device that can be positioned as an essential health monitor and that could potentially warn consumers Health problems. ‘

Sacconaghi’s bad luck is that Apple should be marketing this affordable Apple Watch specifically to older users, with health features that could monitor ‘a severe fall, serious cardiovascular or circulatory problems, blood sugar levels, or maybe even coronavirus’.

How big could this market be? Sacconaghi says it could reach billions of users:

‘We believe such a market could be huge (500 million for continuous surveillance candidates and possibly billions who want to better track their health / key values).’

In defense of Sacconaghi, he seems to be arguing for an Apple Watch that is affordable yet still contains the latest and greatest health features. Theoretically, this model could do without some of the more technology-oriented features and instead focus on health and fitness. For example the Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $ 199However, some of the more modern functions like ECG and fall detection are missing.

What do you think of this argument? Should Apple offer a purely health-oriented Apple Watch for less than $ 250? Let us know in the comments!

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